Academy Awards® - 1938

MUSIC (Original Score)
* The Adventures of Robin Hood -- Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Army Girl -- Victor Young

Block-Heads -- Marvin Hatley

Blockade -- Werner Janssen

Breaking the Ice -- Victor Young

The Cowboy and the Lady -- Alfred Newman

If I Were King -- Richard Hageman

Marie Antoinette -- Herbert Stothart

Pacific Liner -- Russell Bennett

Suez -- Louis Silvers

The Young in Heart -- Franz Waxman

MUSIC (Scoring)
* Alexander's Ragtime Band -- Alfred Newman

Carefree -- Victor Baravalle

Girls' School -- Morris Stoloff, Gregory Stone

The Goldwyn Follies -- Alfred Newman

Jezebel -- Max Steiner

Mad about Music -- Charles Previn, Frank Skinner

Storm over Bengal -- Cy Feuer

Sweethearts -- Herbert Stothart

There Goes My Heart -- Marvin Hatley

Tropic Holiday -- Boris Morros

The Young in Heart -- Franz Waxman

MUSIC (Song)
* "Thanks for the Memory" from The Big Broadcast of 1938 -- Music by Ralph Rainger; Lyrics by Leo Robin

"Always and Always" from Mannequin -- Music by Edward Ward; Lyrics by Chet Forrest and Bob Wright

"Change Partners" from Carefree -- Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin

"The Cowboy and the Lady" from The Cowboy and the Lady -- Music by Lionel Newman; Lyrics by Arthur Quenzer

"Dust" from Under Western Stars -- Music and Lyrics by Johnny Marvin

"Jeepers Creepers" from Going Places -- Music by Harry Warren; Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

"Merrily We Live" from Merrily We Live -- Music by Phil Charig; Lyrics by Arthur Quenzer

"A Mist over the Moon" from The Lady Objects -- Music by Ben Oakland; Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

"My Own" from That Certain Age -- Music by Jimmy McHugh; Lyrics by Harold Adamson

"Now It Can Be Told" from Alexander's Ragtime Band -- Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin

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